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December is Here

Santa Claus is coming to Town! Actually, he already has at the local mall in Red Deer.   Bower Mall in Red Deer held a fundraiser in his honour. You could have breakfast with and the proceeds going to the local Christmas Bureau.   Now that December is here the shopping mayhem begins. I don't […]


Effective Advertisement

I took this photo in September. I was walking in the underground pedway in Edmonton, Alberta and came across this “shadow.” It turns out that this is an advertisement that made me stop, look, read and think about it's message. I took this photo with my iPhone 4. I also did the photo edit with […]

Cool Beans Double Decker Bus in Red Deer, Alberta

Cool Beans

Took a walk downtown this morning and I noticed a local business has moved to a new location. Keeping theme with my last post’s topic of mobility I thought this was kind of interesting. A coffee shop on wheels. When business is slumping a definite asset would be able to pick up and move to […]