A Short Rant on Spam and Farming

A Short Rant on Spam and Farming

I am new to WordPress publishing.  I have another website that has been active for a few years.  I use a web publishing software and then upload to my server.  I wanted to try WordPress because I like the idea of publishing anywhere at any time without the need to lug my laptop around.

I see I got a few replies to my last post on this site which took me kind of surprise as it merely a test to see how this works and get the site online.

I received three responses in one day thanking me for the great information.  Again, I was wondering what information did they like?  There really isn’t any published as of yet.  Turns out they also included links.  My first foray into Spam.

Not the kind of Spam you buy in the canned meat section of your local grocery store.  But rather links to other links.  I believe the term is Link Farming.  Not the kind of farming that creates fresh produce!

I will have to research this further to see how I can control this as I can see this taking up a lot of my precious time.

Any suggestions?


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